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Name: Gin Ichimaru
Alias(es): Captain Ichimaru, Sanbantai Taichou.
Species: Selkie.
Chakra Element: Non-Elemental/Poison.
Reiatsu Colour: White.
Mist Mutation:
    Higher-than-average strength.
    Higher-than-average base defensive capabilities.
    Higher-than-average base Chakra levels.
    Increased lifespan. Late Onset.

Approx. Height: 6'1".
Eye Colour: Pale blue.
Hair Colour: Silver.
Distinguishing Features: A near-permanent mocking smile and purposely narrowed eyes.
Nationality: Dalmascan.
City of Birth: Rabanastre.
Birthdate: Emberleaf 10th.
Esper: Ultima, The High Seraph.
Education: Basic to 12, then the Gotei Academy.
Occupation: Gotei 13 Captain, Third Division.
    Public - Gotei 13.
    Private - Clan Khamja.
    Class #1: Commando.
    Class #2: Samurai.
    Class #3: Assassin.

Other Learned Classes: Synergist, Saboteur, Sentinel.
Weapon(s): A wakizashi sized Zanpakuto with bluish hilt binding.
Allowed Aeon: Kyūbi, the nine-tailed fox.
Other Aeons if Applicable: N/A
Other Abilities:
    ⌘ Immense Spiritual Pressure - He has the ability to paralyse a victim with his Reiatsu alone.
    ⌘ Coils of the White Snake - A teleportation technique.
    ⌘ Al Bhed - Mother tongue fluent.
    ⌘ Kidō - Master.
    ⌘ Flash Step - Expert.
    ⌘ Ninjutsu: General Skills- Expert.
    ⌘ Taijutsu - Proficient.

Qualifications: N/A.
Zanpakuto: Shinsō.
    Shikai: "Shoot to Kill, Shinsō."
      Extends the length of the blade, allowing for high-speed piercing.
      Extends the length of the blade, allowing for wide cutting arcs.
      "Lance of Deicide.": Lance of Deicide is Shinsō's Bankai ability, and extends the blade faster and further than his Shikai technique ... or so he tells people. He claims that the extension can span 8 miles and that it extends at the speed of sound.
      "Kill, Lance of Deicide." Shinsō's true Bankai ability. While the speed and span of his Bankai is impressive, its deadliest ability lies in the fact that the sword turns to dust for a split second when it expands or contracts. He keeps this fact to himself. This is due to the fact that there is a fatal poison contained within the blade and that, in itself, is the only real indication that his Chakra Element is that of Poison, as opposed to Non-Elemental, which he projects. Gin has the ability to leave a sliver of the blade inside somebody he has run through with the base technique. Should he choose to kill them, he need only place his hand to that person and repeat the kill order. Upon activation, the toxin will diffuse, breaking down the victim on a cellular level from the inside out.
      Butō: Gin holds his Zanpakuto with the pommel to his chest, allowing for a much faster extension of the blade.
      Butō Renjin: As above, except Gin repeatedly extends the blade rather than simply doing it once.

Zanpakuto Spirit Form: A large white snake.
Limit Breaks:



✘ Gin was born in Rabanastre. He, like a number of other children, was an orphan used to scavenging around Lowtown. It was there that he saved Rangiku Matsumoto, a girl who he grew very close to during an Incident in the Garamscythe Waterway. He and a number of other children managed to find their way down there and found themselves in danger thanks to a Hollow. Ultimately, Gin got Rangiku away from their immediate peril while a Shinigami assigned to the task disposed of the Hollow. Gin decided from then that he wanted to join the Gotei 13.
✘ He did just that, signing up when he reached 12 years old with Rangiku following suit a short while later. His natural Chakra control and spiritual ability meant that he progressed quickly through the ranks and, in his mid-twenties, found himself promoted to Captain when the previous one passed away. That, of course, meant that he had already achieved Bankai by that point.
✘ Rangiku, conversely, was assigned to the Tenth Division, located in Lesalia.
✘ Gin's ability during his days at the Academy impressed another Captain, Sōsuke Aizen, Captain of the Fifth Division, the Archadian Branch. The two grew fairly close, becoming friends. It was Aizen who suggested that Gin also join Clan Khamja, an treasure-seeking Assassination Clan promising anonymity for all members, along with him.
✘ He did join Khamja at Aizen's suggestion and, of course, chose to keep his association with them under wraps. He rarely votes positively on excessively disruptive plans and voted against the bombing of Gongaga and the dropping of the Midgar plate.
✘ His friendships and associates in Khamja are few and far between. He doesn't appear to trust any of them. He does, however, watch them and their activities. His only real relationships in Khamja are that which he has with Aizen, and his mentor-assocation with Kadaj.
✘ He accompanied Aizen as his Guardian when he went for his Aeon, and Aizen did the same for him.


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